The Real Person’s Guide to Eating out in Salzburg

Even those who can easily afford Michelin dining don’t always want to eat that way. The best way to see Salzburg is to eat your way through it 😉 No matter what your budget you will find delicious foods, pastries and coffees to keep you going.

How do Austrians eat?

Austrians eat like every other city. They have 5 star Italian and French restaurants, but they also have a devotion to their national fare. Bratwursts, spices, stews and of all things – ice cream – top the Austrian menu. They are also known for their rich pastries and perfect coffees. You don’t ever have to step foot in a restaurant if you don’t want to – there are cafes, vendors and markets plenty to provide you with a real taste of Austria. If you want 5 star dining, the revolving round of trendy restaurants featuring chefs from all over is ever changing with the seasons.

The main eating districts:

The four main eating districts are located at the Alter Markt, Getreidegasse, Griegsgasse and Linzer Gasse areas. There are other restaurants and cafes to be found, but Austria is an organised place and the best will be located in those areas.


For food shopping you can find everything you need in the main markets such as the Universitätsplatz market and the Mirabellplatz. The latter is open only on Thursday.


If you go to Salzburg you will find Bosna on the menu of many of the cafes, and it is sold on the street by vendors too. It is a dish that originated in Salzburg and consists of two bratwurst with onions and spices on a white bun. It is the original fast food of the city. What Bosna is to Salzburg the hotdog is to New York City. There are simple versions, and some of the upscale boutique dining salons will offer gourmet interpretations of this daily treat too.


The Secret of the Mittagsmenüs:

No matter what your budget is the secret to eating out and eating well in Salzburg lies in their habit of the Mittagsmenüs. Between lunch and the evening dining hour the Mittagsmenüs appears. It translates as the “middle menu” and it offers a little bit from the more established menus, but at a greater savings than the dining hour. This can be the best way for you to experience what the top restaurants have to offer without having to spend your whole budget.