Romance in Salzburg

There are plenty of romantic options in Salzburg for those in a loving mood..

Alter Market:

The Alter Market is a place you can go day after day and never really see the same thing. This is the famous market square event that also features music, art and is the location of many of the main Salzburg festivals. It is also a center point for many of the surrounding areas, and the best restaurants. Ringing the Alter Market are small cafes and boutiques that make for a great day of exploring too.

Mozart Dinner Concert:

Salzburg is the city of Mozart. While there are many activities centered around this great composer, the Mozart Dinner Concert remains one of the best. You can enjoy a fine dinner with your companion while a quartet plays the most romantic pieces from his portfolio. The surroundings are rich and full of history, and the food is some of the highest rated in the entire city.

The Romantic Road:

You can choose to rent a car in Salzburg, or take a hackney cab along the famous romantic road. If you are more active, you can also rent bicycles to take in the tour. The romantic road has gotten its name by winding through and around the area to reveal some of the best scenery and small treasures of cafes and restaurants that are off the beaten path.



When you are ready for a night on the town a visit to Segabar is in order. It is one of the most enduring and popular night spots around. The drinks are wonderful, and there is dancing and other entertainment to be had as well. Segabar isn’t as trend oriented as some of the newer and hipper locations, but it is the one that stays modern and survives all the passing fashions.


One thing that should definitely be on your list is to spend a day with your love exploring the Waagplatz. Little has changed in this area of the old city, and you can see its progression through history in the architecture that is preserved here. There are museums, galleries, small cafes and boutiques; as well as some of the more seasonal outdoor markets too.

The Sound of Music:

The Sound of Music features heavily in Salzburg. Taking the Sound of Music tour is ideal as a romantic trip as the story itself is so beautiful .See all there is to see surrounding this tale of the Von Trapp Family Singers and enjoy more of the beautiful area that surrounds Salzburg too.