Recommended Accommodation Options in Salzburg

There are many different options for where you can stay when you visit Salzburg. One thing you have to decide first is what you are comfortable with, and what your priorities are on your trip. If you need to save money – a hostel may be a great idea. There are also hotels that will fit the luxury traveler, business person and those with children. Salzburg also has a fine selection of bed and breakfast houses to choose from too.


The top of the line in luxury hotels in Salzburg is the Hotel Schloss Monchstein and the Hotel Goldener Hirsch. Both of these give you a real sense of being in old Austria without sacrificing any of the amenities. If you are looking for something more along the mid-scale of pricing, Hotel Elefant and Hotel Mozart are both affordable and centrally located. If you have children, the most popular hotel is the Hotel Wolf-Dietrich. They have everything from a pool to a game room to help make your whole families stay perfect.


If you are looking for a cozier experience, then the bed and breakfast is your first choice. The three that top the list are the Villaverde, the Hotel Markus Sittikus and the Elfi Zoller. Elfi Zoller is located on the Southern edge of Salzburg and is much quieter. The Villaverde is centrally located and can put you where you want to be to enjoy all that Salzburg has to offer.



The Yo-Ho International Youth Hostel is the top choice for budget travel, but you need to pay attention to the age cut offs. Most of the youth hostels have an age cap of 23 or 26. The Jugenherberge is another good choice for the young set. Muffin Hostel and the Eduard Heinrich-Haus have more of an open age acceptance.

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There are also private apartments that are for let for the holiday that may be the best way to stay and get a real feel for the city. This can be a bit on the pricier side of things, but cheaper than a hotel if you are staying over a week.

You do want to make sure that you do your booking through a reputable agency so you are assured that what you paid for really does exist. Renting just a room in someone’s home is also becoming more popular and there are special sites that handle that.