Nearby Ski Resorts with Salzburg Airport Car Hire

The best skiing in Austria isn’t that far from the airport and is easily reached in your Salzburg car hire. In fact, each of these top 3 ski resort centres are close enough that you can return to the city on your day off from the slopes. The towns are known for their hospitality, and for providing skiers a way to enjoy every minute of their stay.


The top of the mark for alpine skiing and snowboarding has been held by Kitzbuehel since the 1890s. From the Mercedes-Benz Snowpark to the 170kms of groomed trail, this is a challenging system of trails that cannot be fully experienced on one trip. The trails feature fresh and man-made packs. There are 155 days of guaranteed snow security.

There are pros and a rental shop to help you master your skiing skills, and the village at the base has everything you need to enjoy the rest of your stay too. The Snowpark is the most recent addition, but all of the cars have been fully upgraded as well.

One of the best experiences in Kitzbuehel is to spend the day on the slopes and then retire to town for a rest before enjoying an evening out. The town has everything from pubs to clubs to upscale dining too. Getting there is very easy, and going between the city and the town is easy as well.

You can centre your stay in Kitzbuehel and visit Salzburg when you need a rest. Kitzbuehel in the Tirol is considered a must on every serious skiers list. If you are looking for a winter town to visit, but don’t ski, there is enough to do that you won’t have any down time at all. The ski centre is also more than interesting enough to spend an entire day in. There are shops, restaurants and gaming centres there as well as changing rooms and rental areas.

Zillertal Arena:

Zillertal Arena can be a great choice for a skiing vacation, especially with the family. The skiing covers 132kms of trails and there are snowparks too. It is a perfect balance between catering to the alpine skiing, cross country skiing and snowboard crowd. The trails are clearly defined by level and there are lessons for everyone.

The pro shops and custom boutiques in the village will keep you well kitted out, and there is much to do in the town as well. Zillertal Arena has accommodations, restaurants and activities the family will enjoy off the slope as well.


One thing that is a stand out difference about this resort is that Zillertal Arena features photo-points and ski-movie tracks. These are special areas set aside and mapped to allow for photography without putting you or other skiers at risk. The photo-points allow you to go off the trail safely to take pictures in front of the greatest background of all time – the Alps.

The trails that are designated for this are also some of the most scenic and make for an entire days exploration. Zillertal Arena keeps its focus on the modern world of skiing and delivers everything you need to have a great time, and share it with your friends at home too.

Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang (Skicircus)

The nickname “Skicircus” doesn’t refer to the antics of the skiers that come to the Saalback Hinterglemm Leogang, it refers to the set up of the skiing area itself. Only those ski areas that are built to surround a valley and rise on mountains on all sides can be called a skicircus, as only these types of sporting arenas allow for full circuit trails.

The Skicircus is a favourite among serious skiers, competitive athletes, and amateurs. The full circuit encompasses three ranges and several towns which means there is a trail for everyone. You can spend all day skiing a circuit and then come in for rest and refreshment easily. Be prepared and book your car rental at Salzburg Airport early.


The Skicircus is a federal sports arena and features some of the best kept trails around. Used for competitions as well, the latest advantages in snow technology can be found here. There are always packs of different qualities, obstacles and even a few snowparks created to competition quality levels. The Skicircus is all about winter sporting events.

Depending on when you come, you can also attend one of the many national and international event competitions hosted there. From ice skating, to snow-shoeing, boarding to all types of skiing you will find it here. Easy to reach from Salzburg, the towns and villages that are encircled by the Skicircus offer you much variety. It is also easy to return to the city for a day when you need some time to recover from the circuit.