How to get where you need to go once you arrive at Salzburg Airport

Getting to and from Salzburg Airport is easy. The transportation infrastructure of Austria is one of the best in the European Union and there are 3 options.


Car Hire Salzburg

Here is where we come in. There are several Salzburg Airport car rental agencies located at the airport, most notably Hertz. The easiest way to make arrangements for your hire is to do it in advance to insure availability. We provide auto leasing quotes from all the Austrian car hire firms located at the Airport. One simple search is all you need!


From the airport, you can then quickly access the main roads to get where you are going. Most of the rental cars have an option for GPS features, which will help you get around even if you have never visited Austria before.

The Bus System


Every 10 to 20 minutes there is a bus that departs from the main depot stop at the airport. The bus service will take you to the main train terminal or the city centre. You can also ride the bus direct from the airport to several main bus transfer stations around the city such as Zell am See, Saalfelden, WeiƟbach, Wals, Unken, Maishofen, Bad Reichenhall and St Martin.

The Train:

20 minutes from Salzburg Airport is the Hauptbahnhof. The Hauptbahnhof is the main train terminal. You can arrive or depart here from many different locations on local, national and transnational lines. To get to or from the airport from the main train station it is best to take a taxi from the stand outside its main entrance, or to ride the connecting bus.

Private Transportation:

Getting a taxi at Salzburg Airport is not difficult. The taxi stand is located at the main entrance for the airport itself. The main entrance is easily accessible for all departure/arrival passengers. Private livery queues in front at the taxi stand and goes in the order of cars as parked. Do not walk across to get a taxi parked out of the queue as this can cause issues.